A Bubble Party is an age appropriate program of kid friendly music, interactive dancing, games and LOTS OF BUBBLES! This program is geared toward young children between the ages of 3 to 6 years old. This program, which started as an entertainment program for day care and child care facilities, can also be modified to fit a children's birthday party, family fun event, or any type of party that requires energetic enetrtainment for children!


This program is easily adaptable to fit the specific theme of your party, age group (Kids of ALL ages LOVE this program!), and can even be modified to be performed indoors (in case of uncooperative weather!) A Bubble Party provides you with unique entertainment for children!

What people say about Bubble Parties...
"The kids had a blast! We are huge Bubble Music Man fans! My daughter saw the Bubble Music Man for the first time and loved it."
- Reebok Child Care; Canton, Massachusetts