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    Carrie Connolly (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 12:59)

    Marc had the ability to prevail over the wrenches I threw at him. I made some changes last minute and he was able to roll with it and make it work.
    Also he was able to overcome our 30 minute delay and I loved that he came out to help teach the line dances!
    Excellent DJ and very easy to work with!

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    Hannelise & John (Saturday, 20 August 2016 08:58)

    The last minute preparation of the Darth Vader March/Imperial March, when you didn't even know we had a Star Wars theme wedding and you got the soundtrack without someone asking and played it during our introduction will always be remembered! Awesome touch.

    Marc is a highly qualified professional that can understand the full picture with only minor details. A true MC that keeps the crowd entertained and on their feet, engaging and exciting and truly able and willing to work around any obstacle and keep the fun going.

    You're great, we appreciate you and everything you did and your tremendous patience with the given situation. We value your work and are amazed at the quality of your company. Thumbs up sir!

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    Melissa Scott (Monday, 19 October 2015 17:30)

    My new husband is obsessed with Transformers and PacMan. I had a friend dress up as Optimus Prime to walk me down the aisle. At the reception, Marc played the Transformers theme song for me to dance with Optimus, and then quickly transitioned into PacMan Fever when my husband cut in. It was perfect!

    Marc was absolutely wonderful. He played music that our group of friends enjoyed and kept the party hopping. He was easy to work with and very flexible. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!!

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    Cami Osier (Tuesday, 09 June 2015 16:18)

    Overall, did a very good job of feeling the crowd and playing the right songs to get people up and moving. He was able to get people up on the dance floor, and almost everyone partook in the fun! :D
    Chris did a great job!

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    Justine Moavero (Tuesday, 07 April 2015 15:42)

    Brenda always provides a fun day for everyone, especially the kids. The most memorable part of this event was the bubble party which the children loved! Perfect as always.

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    Patricia and George Denick (Wednesday, 18 February 2015 20:21)

    Brenda was just the right DJ for our wedding!! We loved her. She was able to read the crowd and provided just the right song or mood needed at the time. There was a span of ages, children to senior adults. She knew exactly when to play which music for each group and to keep everybody happy. The were grand children from ages 7-16 and she kept them involved and entertained. That was all so important to have a great party that everyone enjoyed. I had many guests and family members say how great they thought our DJ was. We can not say enough about how happy we were with the DJ and the music.

    Marc Burgess Productions is so professional and the communication was excellent. I would highly recommend!

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    From WeddingWire (wedding 12/6/14) (Monday, 05 January 2015 16:54)

    Our wedding was a blast thanks to Marc! He provided ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception DJ services, and he really made the night! His website is easy to use to put in music requests, and a couple weeks before the ceremony we had a phone conference with him to go over details, family members, wants, needs, etc. He really hit the mark on our vision and how we wanted to the night to go, as well as making some excellent recommendations on things that we were having a hard time making decisions on.

    We really enjoyed having Marc as our DJ and would absolutely recommend him.

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    From WeddingWire (Monday, 05 January 2015 16:53)

    Marc Burgess is an unbelievable DJ! He was so professional throughout the planning process and helped us put together an awesome selection of music for our entire wedding, from the welcome drink to cocktail hour to the reception. He kept our friends out on the dance floor partying all night-- and everyone said it was the most fun wedding reception they'd ever been to! We also rented a photobooth, which made for the most amazing, hilarious pictures of our friends and family. Everything was handled so well, and Marc's website and planning worksheets made the process so easy! We highly recommend Marc and his team-- honestly, he made our wedding the most fun day of our lives!

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    Zhaydrix Robles - Holiday Inn Orlando - Lake Buena Vista (Monday, 22 December 2014 15:19)

    Chris can adapt to "unplanned" items such as announcements and give always. It sounded like he had always known about each plan that we had.

    They know how to balance the many needs of different audiences and are a pleasure to work with. Professional, Kind and knowledgeable. You all were on top of the world.

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    Kate Osterloh and Brian Phelps (Wednesday, 17 December 2014 23:46)

    I can't put into words how excellent the music and photo booth were at our wedding. Marc Burgess did a truly outstanding job of making our reception the dance party of our dreams! We were so thrilled and impressed with his professionalism. Many of our guests commented that our reception was the most fun they had ever attended-- we have Marc to thank for that! He was so flexible and easy to work with-- and he went above and beyond the day of to make things perfect.

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    Megan Chenoweth (Monday, 15 December 2014 18:38)

    I would absolutely recommend Marc Burgess Productions. Marc was absolutely integral in making sure that not only the bride and groom were happy, but that the guests had a fantastic time as well. The website was easy to use, Marc was very attentive to us and our needs, and he really made the night feel like an awesome party, which is exactly what we were going for. Thank you Marc!

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    Nikki Basso (Tuesday, 25 November 2014 21:19)

    She was amazing! And super involved with the kids! We loved all the music she played and how well she communicated with me so we could keep everything on schedule! I would definitely recommend you guys to everyone!

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    Leah Litwiniec (Wednesday, 19 November 2014 16:50)

    This was the worst service imaginable and I cringe to think of letting a DJ represented by their company ruin another wedding day. The DJ did not want to set up for the ceremony because she was afraid it would rain which it never did. She id not introduce my maid of honor or best man at all as she incorrectly called out the bridesmaid and groom being introduced into the reception as my Maid of Honor and Best Man, and then never corrected the mistake. So my Maid of Honor and Best Man simply walked in unannounced. I correctly filled out the forms required detailing the order of the reception and correctly put my request to have the Father/Daughter & Groom/Mother dance directly follow the Bride/Groom first dance, which the DJ did not do. And instead it took place much later when most were not seated. Furthermore she refused to play songs requested by myself (the bride), my groom, the best man, maid of honor, my mother and brother. And instead continued to play her own song choices which the reception guests were OBVIOUSLY not responding to.

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    Richard Mergo (Tuesday, 28 October 2014 17:21)

    We always appreciate the support from Marc Burgess and the quality of services from DJ Brenda Weems! They make our events fun and energetic, and it's always great to see the children participating, dancing, even those in wheelchairs having fun on the dance floor!

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    Meghan Higgins (Friday, 24 October 2014 19:47)

    Marc Burgess Productions is worth every penny! They are beyond helpful even before you sign a contract. Marc is personable and friendly. He will work with you and make every effort to give you exactly what you want. He is knowledgable about the industry and has suggestions if you need them. The online planning tools help get everything organized. They are available if you have any questions. Talking with our actual DJ before the event put our mind at ease because we felt like we were all on the same page.

    Our DJ, Brenda was beyond wonderful! Brenda was an amazing dancer! She showed off her moves and our guests loved it! After that night people asked us if we had paid extra for a professional dancer. She is fun and made sure everything went smoothly. We could not have asked for a more perfect day!

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    Stephanie Morris (Thursday, 21 August 2014 01:21)

    There are so many things to choose from that were so memorable. Right off the bat, he got everyone on the dance floor, and so many people continued to dance all through the night that I never thought would have. Also I gave a song request the night before the wedding that was very important to me, and he not only played it, but explained the significance.

    I was really scared that no one would dance, and at least 75% of my guests got up and danced and that made the evening so much more fun!

    Everything went absolutely amazing! Everyone I have spoken with has said that it was the best wedding they have ever been to, and I credit much of that to the DJ, Marc Burgess.

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    Justine Moavero - Beazer Homes (Tuesday, 15 July 2014 16:33)

    We love DJ Brenda for our Beazer events :)
    Children's games are always memorable with Brenda. Her energy is awesome. She played a Frozen song and the kids went crazy. Great job.
    She great, professional and exceeds expectations.

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    Stephanie Hallman - Christopher Columbus Awards (Wednesday, 18 June 2014 20:41)

    Once again, Chris was fantastic. He got the kids up and dancing in no time and continued to engage them in various dances throughout the night. He continues to be an important part of the CCA banquet experience.

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    Phyllis Young (mother of the bride) (Wednesday, 18 June 2014 18:15)

    I would highly recommend you!! In fact, a guest at the reception asked Chris for his card. She asked me how I found you and thought that he played a nice variety of music for all ages. Needless to say, I was very, very pleased...Thank You!

    Chris really got the guests moving onto the dance floor. He is a super, nice guy! The most memorable part of the reception was probably the five couple dance-off contest. That was so much fun watching and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Also, I asked him to dedicate "In The Mood" by Glenn Miller to my Mother-in-law's 91st birthday and she actually got out onto the dance floor with Katie (the bride) and danced.....priceless!!! Chris was fantastic!!

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    Kati and Aaron (Tuesday, 10 June 2014 17:06)

    Marc was wonderful to work with and went above and beyond with our custom ceremony music. The thing that stood out the most was hearing the Indiana Jones theme while our guests entered the reception. We didn't ask him to do that, but it coincided so perfectly with the rest of our music that I wish it had been my idea!

    Marc Burgess Productions was an absolute joy to work with! Marc consistently went above and beyond for us. He was a phenomenal DJ and really got the party started. Before the wedding Marc was in constant communication with me, always responding to calls or emails very quickly. It was a pleasure to work with Marc and I will definitely contact him again for all of my production needs!

    Everything was absolutely fantastic!

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    Jody North (Thursday, 27 February 2014 11:34)

    Of all the vendors chosen for both of my daughters weddings. Marc was the most consistent, reliable and I felt very at ease with choosing him. Very accommodating and helpful. Several guests also commented on how good the DJ was!

    The most memorable part of the wedding was getting out on the dance floor myself,seeing my daughters dancing and having such a great time and even my father in law was dancing! This was definitely memorable.

    I would highly recommend Marc Burgess Productions! Reliable, Professional and very pleasant and easy to work with.

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    djmarcburgess (Wednesday, 05 February 2014 15:01)

    As seen on WeddingWire:
    Quality of Service: 5.0
    Responsiveness: 5.0
    Professionalism: 5.0
    Value: 5.0
    Flexibility: 5.0
    So where do I start with Marc Burgess Productions other than to say Marc and his wife Robin are incredible people who run an amazing business. From the moment we chose them to be our DJ (and travel agents too), they helped us with every detail of our ceremony, reception, and honeymoon travel. Marc knows his music, how to keep a party going (only if that's what you want), and also can be as interactive as you want with your guests. We did want that and he was up there showing our guests the proper moves for the group dances and line dances (country themed wedding). He also did a great job of mic-ing us during the ceremony so that nobody could see but the video has crystal clear audio of everything my wife and I said to each other including our officiant's words, absolutely incredible. In terms of the travel, Marc did such a nice job making everything go smoothly for us and it was a natural pairing with DJ services because we started making honeymoon plans around the time we first contacted him. If you are looking for a DJ in Orlando, do not look any further as Marc is the one to choose.
    Wedding: 01/04/2014
    Services Used: DJ, Travel

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    Trey Rapp (Wednesday, 11 December 2013 09:41)

    it was perfect. thanks. she actually helped keep an eye on all the kids and keep them safe and out of trouble.
    great company and people. definitely worth the price.

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    Jody North, Mother of the Bride (Tuesday, 19 November 2013 22:05)

    FUN, excellent song choices and everyone had a great time, it was so much fun and a lot of people were on the dance floor dancing!!!! Some that I would never have expected to go on the dance floor did!

    Very professional, reliable, trustworthy and guaranteed to have a great time!

    Thank you Marc, you did an awesome job! Looking forward to our next event and daughter #2's wedding!

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    Bill and Trish Downs (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 09:56)

    Do you just want music or do you want everyone to have a good time??
    Marc has an incredible way of getting people on the dance floor that would not normally be up there!!

    He is very professional, I have been to many weddings and without a doubt Marc is the best DJ I have ever seen.

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    Michelle Sanders (Monday, 11 November 2013 11:24)

    Chris did a great job with the music choices. Everyone had a great time. The dance floor was full of guests for most of the evening...thats just what we wanted! Thank you for helping to make our daughter's wedding so memorable!

    Marc Burgess Productions was very professional, organized,and dependable. great variety of music for all ages! Really kept the party going!

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    Stephanie Hallman (Monday, 17 June 2013 11:16)

    Once again, Chris was terrific. He's great with the kids and really gets them out on the dance floor to have a good time.

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    Sherri Strange (Monday, 10 June 2013 10:42)

    Marc does a great job, works well with very little direction to make our events successful and fun. Marc also follows all directions given, following our time line, encouraging staff participation without interjecting himself into the event unnecessarily.

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    Dana Bright (Saturday, 08 June 2013 08:59)

    Marc did an amazing job keeping the students engaged. He taught dances the kids didn't know and made it very easy. All the kids had a blast! He took requests from the kids and made sure none of the songs were inappropriate for kids. I would recommend Marc every day of the week and twice on Sunday! He's an amazing DJ and Emcee.

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    Scott McCallum (Wednesday, 22 May 2013 08:41)

    I really appreciated Marc customizing the service for my needs and budget. That made the difference between being able to have him there.

    Marc's game shows have made the parties I've attended a lot of fun and very memorable.

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    Ken and Adrienne (Monday, 29 April 2013 13:40)

    We had a very small wedding. We wanted it to be very intimate and personal. Marc, it seemed, understood this, and did pretty much exactly what we had hoped he would do. He played the right type of music based on the few requests we gave him, and ran with it. Marc was an excellent DJ and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Marc, for making our wedding so great!

    The overall service that was provided was awesome and memorable. Everything happened quite perfectly at our wedding. I can not think of anything where improvement was needed. Marc was a very nice man and we enjoyed his personality, expertise and experience.

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    Julie Pursley (Tuesday, 16 April 2013 12:46)

    Marc was fantastic. He was attentive to our needs and patient when we needed more time for cake cutting etc.
    Marc was a professional and made my daughters Sweet 16 party memorable. She felt very special and we were thrilled with the lights and music for our event.

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    Christine Tallman (Tuesday, 22 January 2013 14:44)

    As seen on

    Dynamite DJ posted 1/21/2013

    Marc Burgess Productions was a delight to work with. Our DJ was very thorough in following our schedule, making sure information was relayed to guests, and playing good music to get people dancing.

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    Sherri Strange - Seminole Behavoiral Healthcare (Monday, 10 December 2012 10:27)

    You were very respectful of our event and our requests with regard to the timeline for the evening, kept it low key during dinner and played to the crowd and their requests. You displayed professionalism and a sense of humor that was much appreciated by everyone.

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    Marie Von Hugel (Tuesday, 14 August 2012 20:17)

    I was surprised and very happy that Chris was able to get so many of the guest up to participate on the Dance floor.Group Participation was amazing. He was Excellent and very Professional

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    Robb Smith (Monday, 06 August 2012 10:35)

    Marc's ability to blend into the crowd and become one with the guests is amazing. He never met them before that night, but you would never have known by his actions.

    He was time, professional and on budget. We got more than expected, he read the crowd very well and ensured getting the event next year same time.

    Please don't cut corners on your entertainment, spend your money where the event needs it entertainment! Money spent with Marc and his company is an investment in insured success.

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    Ilenia and Johannes Bookas (Sunday, 22 July 2012 21:55)

    Dear Marc and my sweet DJ Brenda,

    I only had less than a month to plan my wedding, and I realized how hard and stressing it was - but had no idea of the expense...I was so frustrated, until I called Marc and worked out a really amazing deal! Only about a week before my wedding, and my DJ was able to play most of my requested songs!
    I was able to experience that it was not only affordable - but just as good as any other Super Expensive DJ (If not better!) Our DJ was the life of the party, and made people that don't usually dance, stay dancing for a while. It was really really great! We loved Brenda!

    Every one was talking about our her - I am definitely calling you again whenever I celebrate the rest of the events of my life.

    Thank you, from our hearts :D
    Thank you
    Thank you,

    Ilenia and Johannes Bookas

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    Patricia and Bob Valentine (Tuesday, 10 July 2012 14:12)

    Dear Marc,

    What can we say - you were absolutely incredible! All the comments we received said it all! Your style is like no other DJ we have ever heard. You kept the dance floor hopping and everyone's spirits soaring. Thank you for truly being the life of the party. Thank you for all the extra touches - finding our wedding song, honoring all the songs we requested and just being so down to earth. We will certainly recommend you to anyone in need of a DJ and Bobby and Christina will be touch when they are planning their honeymoon.

    Seriously we can't thank you enough!

    Patricia and Bob Valentine (Parents of the Groom)

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    Lindsey (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 15:53)

    Marc gave us an incredible deal, worked with us to figure out how to get the most out of the budget we were working with, was responsive to our desires for the evening and helped keep our reception moving. He was very professional and even when we had concerns about some of the music choice he was quick to adapt and stick to what we had requested! Our guests had a blast at the reception and I've heard from multiple friends that they loved the music and didn't want to get off the dance floor!

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    Stephanie Hallman (Tuesday, 19 June 2012 10:06)

    Chris was out on the dance floor leading the kids in line dances - the kids just loved it and they were ALL dancing.

    Marc Burgress Productions, and especially Chris Brooks, always provides a great show for my group. It's hard to keep middle school kids engaged and Chris is always able to keep them laughing, dancing and having fun.

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    Sandy Swelfer (Friday, 01 June 2012 07:30)

    Chris was very courteous and gracious, could not have asked for a better MC

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    Cathy (Thursday, 24 May 2012 13:00)

    After most of the adults stepped outside at the request of the guest of honor, we peaked inside to see how the guests were doing and found the DJ had successfully gotten the kids on the dance floor, PLUS Chris (our DJ) even stepped in a few times and grabbed some of the cameras on the tables to help take pictures. Chris was very active and courteous to everyone from the guest of honor, to the vendor staff, and us too!

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    Cindy Camp (Wednesday, 23 May 2012 20:58)

    This was posted on

    D.J. Producing Perfection!

    If you are anything like me and figure an ipod on shuffle will do just fine on a budget, you might be right. However, I know having Marc as a D.J. is easier than creating a song list. Plus, he works wonders to get people on the dance floor. With a laundry list of "to do" items for the big day, Marc Burgess Productions as our DJ wasn't time intensive or require extensive meetings. We got to make a few quick suggestions online and then hand over the reigns to Marc. Marc's ability to throw in last minute requests was a really nice touch too that brought smiles to our guests faces. We were working on a tight budget and every penny mattered. Ken and I both feel like the best thing that ever could have happened was to have you hire you for our big day. Marc Burgess Productions fit the bill! Due to Marc's level of expertise, I saw our dance floor quickly fill and I even spotted many of our guests who warned me "they don't dance" out on the dance floor. Marc had a perfect blend of music for this multigenerational group. The youngest kids did a little breakdancing in the evening and later I found my grandmother who is over 90 dancing too. Thank you for managing our large reception so beautifully. Marc thanks for moving us from one thing to the next quickly and really gauging our crowd. I am always late for everything. I was on time to our wedding, but with pictures running over on time I was really nervous about how we would get everything in with such a short period of time. Luckily, you were polite and firm enough to keep me on the new time scheduled. Marc masterfully adjusted with our late arrival. Things didn't start to wind down until it was time for our reception to come to a close. "Flawless and fun" was how many people described our wedding reception. If you think just any DJ will do you haven't worked with Marc Burgess Productions!

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    Annie Rivera (Saturday, 28 April 2012 06:17)

    Thank you for doing such an awesome job with such a short time frame! Even though we ran into some small music issues during the planning process you came through for me and for that I truly do appreciate all your hard work!! At the reception though how short it was everyone had a great time and it was one of the happiest days of our lives! You truly made our day a great one!! So thank you so much Marc for being a part of our Wedding Day! I will defintely keep recommending you to all my family and friends. :)

    The actual ceremony was one of the most memorable as all the songs I wanted you found for me and that made me one happy bride!! :) Pick Marc he will make your event one you will never forget!!

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    Wanda I. Curtis Property & Family Manager Sunshine Foundation Dream Village (Monday, 02 April 2012 16:19)

    We want to say thank you for making our Spring Family Fair a success! You have done so much for the Sunshine Foundation and its special children. There is very little we can say or do to say thank you for your kindness and generosity other than to offer our sincere gratitude. Brenda was amazing and brought our fair to life!

    You may not know how special you are or how wonderful what you do is, but there is a child who will visit Mickey Mouse for the first time, or talk through a computer to friends that he cannot walk to visit, or swimming in a pool that makes it easy for him to move when moving without a wheelchair is impossible who would be more than happy to tell you. These may seem like small requests, things other healthy children receive every day, but for more many of Sunshine’s children their illnesses have left their family so financially devastated that just keeping them alive and fed is almost too much to achieve. Without wonderful people like yourself there would be no Sunshine Foundation, everyone at the Sunshine Foundation know that is donors like yourself, who truly are the children’s Guardian Angels. We have uploaded a few pictures to our Facebook page, be sure to check them out!

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    Martina Herretes (Monday, 27 February 2012 09:35)

    The most amazing part of our wedding was that you got the crowd involved and on the dance floor. Also, the photo booth and lighting were amazing!

    You went above and beyond my expectations, and provided excellent service!

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    Jessica Jones (Friday, 03 February 2012 17:05)

    Just two weeks before our wedding we had attended a wedding that had the worst DJ I had ever seen. The bride specifically asked for things not to played, but when she left the room he played them and then made comments to the crowd that he wouldn't be getting any referrals from her. After that we were a little worried about our own DJ, but once we spoke on the phone the week of our wedding, I was completely put at ease. He absolutely made our event!

    Please describe the most memorable part of your event as it relates to the service provided by your DJ...
    Mine is different from my husbands. I was talking to a guest and I heard the DJ tell one of the guests he was sorry but he couldn't play top 40, which made me so unbelievably happy. I had requested that specifically because not only do I not like it, but I feel it alienates a lot of guests. That did not happen at our wedding, the dance floor was completely packed all night with not just the young crowd but everyone.

    My husbands most memorable part was right after dinner, he and I were still sitting at our table talking but the dancing had just started. He looked up and the dance floor packed with everyone having a great time, he said he couldn't believe it, even the grandparents were having fun out there.

    When recommending us, what would you say...
    They listen to what you want and make sure that you have the best event. I really was worried about the limitations I put on him and how my guest would like it; but I had nothing to worry about. I couldn't have been happier, he completely went beyond my expectations of what a great wedding could be. I've had so many people tell me that it was the best wedding they've ever been to, and you know that has a lot to do with the tone that was set by Chris. I would hire him again in a second!

    Anything specific we can improve...
    Nothing, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!!!!

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    Beverly Anderson - SCT Performance (Tuesday, 13 December 2011 13:37)

    Marc is a true professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him or his organization for any event - private or corporate.

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    Diane - Veolia Environmental Services (Wednesday, 07 December 2011 11:47)

    Chris Brooks was the DJ for our Employee Children's Christmas Party. He was an absolute joy. He got the children involved with hula hoops, the limbo and dancing, they had a great time. I would recommend Chris to anyone and especially if children are going to be there. We will definitely request Chris for any future events.

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    Diane Moyer - Florida Hospital Neuro Service Line (Tuesday, 06 December 2011 20:22)

    We were very pleased with Brenda. She did a fantastic job, and everyone enjoyed her! My manager has already asked if we can book her again next year.

    Everyone loved how Brenda would come down and dance with them on the dance floor.

Marc, Wow! What an awesome evening at Emilie's Bat Mitzvah. Both Jesse and Dave were fantastic! We were so pleased with everything. They certainly did keep the crowd moving and even Grandma was in the Conga line. We had lots of compliments the next day as to how funny Jesse was.  Everything fell into place and Jesse was so patient dealing with me, one crazed mother, trying to get our timing together. But all went well and it was a great time for all. I had so much fun!! Most important, Emilie had a fantastic time and she loved the "boys." I will most certainly recommend Marc Burgess Productions, Jesse and Dave to anyone who might be looking for a DJ. Thanks again!  Best regards,  Jane, Ron and Emilie Shearer

JESSE WAS AMAZING!!!  Thank you so much for making our wedding so much fun. I would recommend him again in a heartbeat.
Best regards, Roberta 12/6/2009


Every thing was awesome and Brenda did a great job. We will be recommending you to everyone one we know that is having any type of event. Thank you so much for making our night so wonderful.
The Rodgers 7/18/2009


Marc, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did DJing our May 24 wedding. You did a fabulous job keeping people entertained and on the dance floor all evening long. We have attached some photos as evidence!  We will be sure to recommend you in the future. Thank you again!  Joey and Katie Schaber  5/24/2009


Everything was perfect. Marc, the variety in music was perfect and it kept everyone dancing and having fun. I would highly recommend your services. Beth Frisbey 5/3/2008


We had a great time and so did our guests! Marc was very professional, organized, and kept the party going! We couldn't have been happier with our DJ! Lisa Walls 4/26/2008


Marc, Brenda was the BEST DJ that we have ever seen. Our guests all gave compliments about her. Her assistance and professionalism were excellent. We appreciated every thing that she did. We will recommend your services in a heartbeat. Please give our sincere thanks to Brenda for helping to make our wedding ceremony and reception a big success! Ken Hofmann 5/3/2008


Jesse did a wonderful job! I think he was the best DJ we've ever had. He played what the kids liked and kept them in check when they were trying to "mosh". I really appreciate that! The kids said it was the "best dance ever". And when you can please 60 teenagers, you've done something. Thanks again for making Prom night a night to remember!  Nancy Vann, First Academy. 4/19/2008


Marc, I just wanted to say thank you for doing a fantastic job at our wedding. Jon and I really loved the music that you picked and you really got the crowd going. I could not have asked for anything more. I just wanted to say thank you again. Sincerely, Thaveshni Hamilton

Brenda with Marc Burgess Productions - A++++
I loved Brenda! She was so great. She played exactly what I wanted. She even played songs that I love and I never told her about. She really figured out what I wanted just by talking to me for 30 minutes a few days before the wedding. She even came to ask me about a specific song that my cousin requested because she wasn't sure if I would like it. She kept everyone dancing and danced with us too! She was definitely one of my favorite vendors! Katie Swithers 12/8/2007


Marc, I wanted to take the opportunity and thank you for an outstanding evening of entertainment. I have received dozens of emails from team members who thought you were the best DJ they had ever experienced. I appreciate your time and energy and look forward to working with you on future events for our hospital.
Jeremiah Krivinchuk, Manager, Customer Relations
Orlando Regional South Seminole Hospital

"My reception has been the talk of the town due to Tim Price from Marc Burgess Productions. My sister who is a professional wedding photographer and has worked with many DJ's even commented on how awesome they were. Kudos!" Sarah George

"Such a great company!" Linda

"Marc, thank you to you and your team for making our wedding a memorable event."  Yari

"Marc Burgess gets the crowd having FUN in any atmosphere! It was a night to remember for my sisters wedding and my friends wedding as well. Me and my future husband in August will be using him for our wedding! I would truly recommend Marc Burgess Productions for an outstanding job full of Fun and excitement every time, all the time! You want action? He gets the crowd where they need to be!"  Robin


"Marc Burgess gets the crowd having FUN in any atmosphere! It was a night to remember for my sister, my friends and we are using him for our wedding coming up! I would truly recommend Marc Burgess Productions for an outstanding job full of Fun and excitement every time!!!" Robin Schwinn - Anderson

"Great suggestions on wedding songs and got everybody up and dancing the entire night."   Kathy DeRouin

"he was my dj at my wedding and was the best dj i have ever seen. He kept everyone on the dance floor and played all the right music. He was the life of the reception. I owe him for a lot of great memories on my wedding day."  Colette VandeStreek

"He is the best. He works with the clients and his employees to ensure that the events are done to the best of everyone's abilities and that the clients wishes are met to the fullest."  Beverly Rice

"Marc was a true professional. He genuinely worked hard to make sure our needs were his priority, from our specific song requests to being sure all names in our wedding party were pronounced correctly. He was a major reason our wedding was such a huge success!"  Tara

"The level of professionalism is only out weighed by the commitment to excellence" Terry

"We had a wonderful DJ for our wedding and I wasn't going to have one...Kristen helped everyone have a fantastic time, and I hardly left the dance floor all night."  Alisa

"Great music selections, not overbearing." Marie

"He was prompt, professional, and my guests had a wonderful time!"  Diana Hampel

"Without Marc my wedding would have been pretty lame he really made the crowd participate, thanks again."  Joe Carter

"Marc is super fun and always keeps guests on their toes."  Anonymous

"Marc is a great guy. Very pleasant to work with, very accommodating to his clients. He made our wedding a great experience and one heck of a party for the reception."  Miles Perry

"Tons of fun. Keeps you on your toes for dancing!"  Anonymous

"He gave my husband and I and our guests a day to remember. He has a great personality and the music was awesome."  Debora Persichilli

"Awesome DJ Kept the party dancing all night long." Anonymous

"DJ Marc was the MC for my wedding. From the first dance with my husband to the send off dance with all of our guests he made the night a flawless experience. His little touches of personalization created so many good memories for my husband, our families, and all of our guests in attendance. "  Katie

"Marc was very accommodating to our wishes, he is very entertaining and humorous. Really gets the guests up and dancing. "  Tracy Barbour

"Marc is a great entertainer and knows how to work the crowd so that all are involved in the event."  Christina Geiss

"Because my wedding was awesome because of him!"  Amanda Abate

"Marc kept my reception going all night! He was awesome!"  LeeAnn

"Not only have I seen Marc in action, but I have worked for him and his company. So I speak first hand in saying that he is the best I've seen in action beside myself, and the only reason I'm better is because he made me that way."  Jeremy D Koch

"Finds creative ways to get people on the floor. A great MC."  RDerouin

"Wedding went off without a hitch, the DJ knew exactly what to do and didn't need to be told what to do. True talent"  P. Scott Simonson

"Marc is wonderful, I have know him for five years and all my guest always have a wonderful experience when he is the DJ. He always puts on a wonderful show. "  Michelle Lucas

"Mark did our wedding on May 5th at the Radisson at Celebration and did a great job! Truly a top notch professional!!!!"  Stephanie Ellis
"Marc provided his services at our wedding reception and he was great. All our guests complemented on how great the reception was. He was friendly and professional throughout the whole process." Carrie Meyer

"Our wedding wouldn't have been half of what is was if it wasn't for Marc! He did and AMAZING job and we would recommend him to everyone. If you want your event to be the best, go with Marc and you won't be disappointed!"  Bernadette

"He is always on time and dependable. Plus he is just plain awesome. I love working with Marc."  Andrea Garrison

"Marc is easy to work with and will make any event a success. " Jennifer K

"He is great at getting the crowd involved. Works wonderfully with both the client and the venue. "  Jackie Golas

"He made a very tense situation between to different ethnic backgrounds, a success. Not only do the two groups mingle, my Grandmother and my husband's Pop pop, were "cutting a rug" together. Certainly a highlight of my night!"  Kimber Myers

"Marc brought an extra DJ and they were a great team; they had the guests involved and getting into the party from the introductions on!"  Pam
"Really made the reception a blast! I have never been to a more fun wedding than my own- and I know it was because of the DJ!"  Veronica Squires

"They are always there for any questions and respond very quickly. " Candice

"Marc did a WONDERFUL job at my wedding! He was professional, but still fun. He kept the party going, not a dull minutes. We didn't want the night to end! He also worked a friend's party about a year later and did a great job there too. " Kiley Carter

"Marc Burgess hosted our wedding reception which was a big hit - I've attached a photo of our fun filled celebration on the dance floor for evidence of that. We were nothing less than impressed with the service and the expense. Marc also performed our ceremony music which was just beautifully executed. "  Jennifer Livingston

"I met Marc Burgess at a Christmas party for my work. He was so awesome I had to have him at my wedding. He was so great he really made it a real party. My entire family thinks he's great so now my mom has hired him for her 50th Birthday party."  Cindy Williams

"Marc has a big heart and great business sense...and he always keeps the party going!"  Kitty Lascurain

"My oldest daughter was getting married - the first wedding of our friends so we had no one to point us in the right direction. Marc was the BEST! The wedding was a huge success and I can attribute it to Marc. He had everyone engaged from the beginning - the bride and groom had their first dance and the party was on. Everyone complimented us on what a fantastic time they had. From the first meeting to the last dance, Marc was "on target" - I didn't have to think about the music, the timing, Marc had it covered, anticipated every need. I have 3 other children and would book Marc every time."

Phyllis Gocklin

"He was a wonderful dj. had all the music we needed. He made my wedding day go smoothly." Theresa Glenn

"Excellent professionalism!"  Stephanie Esposito

"Marc was extremely helpful!"  Bethany

"Marc was the dj at my wedding and the event would not have been the same without him. He is a true expert! He knows how to read the crowd and keep everyone dancing and having a great time." Cherissa Vandergriff

"Marc provides a professional upbeat performance at every event" Barry

"He is the BEST... Great music choice, excellent sound system, and great personality." Beverly

"Marc Burgess was the DJ for our wedding and did an AMAZING job. Everyone complimented us during and after our reception saying how much fun they had and I attribute all of it to Marc Burgess Productions."  Michelle Harpin

"Marc did a fantastic job at our wedding. All of our guests had a terrific time and we got lots of compliments about the music and DJ. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for great entertainment."  Kathryn

"He was wonderful! Kept the crowd happy and dancing all night long." Bridget Tanega

"The power went out at my wedding reception and Marc still kept the party going!! My guests still talk about how well he handled the situation and kept me calm!!"  Andrea Litz (Bostwick)

"He is a great DJ"  Stephanie

"Made the whole process so easy, it was a pleasure to work with Marc, and we had a blast at the wedding - he did an outstanding job...when our next child is married, we'll be sure to hire Marc..." Liz

"I had a beach-themed wedding and they helped set the mood with music and entertainment! I let them know to wear a tropical shirt so they'd blend in. Staff was very personable and professional. I highly encourage any future brides and grooms to use Marc Burgess Productions! They ROCK!" Amy Lynne Bowes

"Awesome DJ!!!" Dana Olivarez

"They did an awesome job at my wedding. I would use them for any occasion."  Josephine White

"He was a fantastic D.J. Everyone was on the dance floor the whole night and had a blast. I would recommend him to anyone!"  Alison Harrelson

"He is the best DJ around because he really listens to your needs, he is energetic, fun, and gives his all to make your event perfect in every way. I have and will recommend him to all that need a DJ because again he is the best there is and all who use him will walk away feeling very satisfied." Patricia Manzo