What do Wedding Guests Complain About?

The bride and groom may never hear these complaints directly, but if your wedding guests are uncomfortable, bored or just aren’t having a good time, they’ll likely be sharing their feelings with others – and that’s not the way you want your special day to be remembered. And while this is your big day, if you want your friends and family to remember it as fondly as you do, be sure to keep your guests in mind as you plan.


As professional DJs in Orlando, we often hear things the bride and groom don’t. Here are some of the most common complaints guests make and how you can be sure they don’t make them about your wedding:


• They don’t know where to go. They’re likely in an unfamiliar place and they’re not sure where to stand or sit – or even which they’re supposed to do. Have some friends or family members who are not in the wedding party stationed at appropriate places so they can answer questions and give directions as needed. Be sure they know to seek out anyone who looks lost and confused with an offer to help.


• Endless speeches. You may be delighted with the best man’s 20-minute trip down memory lane or the maid of honor’s detailed recollections of your grade school escapades, but most of your guests won’t. Ask everyone who is scheduled to make a speech or toast to keep it short – 2-3 minutes at most. Professional wedding DJs in Orlando like the pros at Marc Burgess Productions can give you some additional guidelines for keeping this part of the reception under control.


• Seated with a bunch of strangers. As you plan the seating chart for the reception, be sure everyone knows at least one other person at their table (in addition to their spouse, partner or date). Even if you think certain people will enjoy each other, don’t make your wedding a forced getting-to-know-you event. Your guests will be more comfortable and have more fun if they are sitting with people they already know and like. (Here is a template for creating a seating chart.)


• Too much time between the wedding and reception. The wedding day is usually non-stop for the bride and groom, but while you’re posing for pictures after the ceremony and taking care of other issues, your guests are hanging around with nothing to do. Think about how you can make them comfortable and keep them entertained during that time. And related to this is transportation from the ceremony to the reception, particularly for out of town guests – be sure they know where to go and have a way to get there.


You may not be able to prevent every possible snag, but thinking of these issues ahead of time will make it more likely that your guests will remember your wedding day for the joy of the celebration and not for the things they didn’t like.


If you have been a guest at a wedding and something frustrated you but you didn't tell the bride or groom, share it here.



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