DJ Wedding Disasters: When things don’t go as planned

We take pride in our reputation as some of the most talented, professional DJs in Central Florida. And we are very serious about our mission to make your wedding day as perfect as possible. But sometimes things happen that are out of our control – and we just have to do our best to manage the situation with grace and humor.


I thought you’d enjoy some stories from the Marc Burgess Productions Wedding Disaster Hall of Fame:


• An entire wedding party (bride, groom, attendants) decided to dance on the head table. Before I could suggest that the safest place for dancing was the floor, the table collapsed. Fortunately, no one was hurt – but the table was totaled.


• A caterer used plastic greenery on a buffet and got the decorations too close to the Sterno. The fire spread across the buffet before it could be extinguished. Fortunately, it was put out quickly, no one was hurt and the food was just fine.


• A bridesmaid jumped to catch the bouquet – but her dress didn’t go all the way with her. It was a very revealing wardrobe malfunction.


• When it comes to what music we play, the bride and groom are in charge. So when the bride told me three Polish songs were enough, I politely declined her drunken father’s requests to play more. He began threatening me, and the bride’s mother tackled him to keep him from taking a swing at me. Someone called the police and the dad was taken away. If it had been a movie, it would have been funny – but it was sad.


Uninvited guests and alcohol never mix well:


• Because of something that had happened a year before, the bride decided not to invite some people she knew. They showed up anyway, drunk, and started a fight that turned into a full-fledged brawl. The police were called and the crashers were arrested.


• One of the groom’s brothers was not invited because of his inability to control his alcohol intake. Just 20 minutes after the reception began, the brother arrived drunk and started a fight with the groom. Drinks and fists were flying, and when the bride was hit in the face, the wedding couple made an abrupt departure and the reception was over. This went on record as being one of the shortest events we’ve ever handled!


On a more serious and practical note, we want you to know that as professional DJs in Orlando and Central Florida, every member of the Marc Burgess team has been trained on how to deal with the unexpected ranging from catering mistakes to rowdy guests and more. As you plan your big day, you may want to consider wedding insurance to cover the costs if something major goes wrong (such as a venue overbooking, caterer not showing up, etc). You can be confident knowing that if we’re on the job, we’ll do everything humanly possible to be sure that your reception goes as planned and all of your memories are happy ones.


Do you have a wedding disaster story? Please share it!

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