The Best DJs in Central Florida do More Than Play Music

When you decide to hire a DJ for your wedding reception, party, or other special event, you expect that person to play music and perhaps emcee, but that’s not all top-ranked DJs do. We coordinate with all the other service providers at the event, we make sure everything is in place for each segment before we announce it, and we’re even willing to give directions to the restroom or accept a dirty plate from a guest who mistakes us for a member of the wait staff.


It’s common for the go-to person at an event to be the one with the microphone. After all, we’re usually the most visible. And when there’s not a professional wedding planner or event coordinator, that job often defaults to the DJ—which is why you need a DJ who is experienced, flexible, and willing to go above and beyond at your event.


For example, at a wedding reception, anniversary party, or other celebration, I know to make sure the champagne has been poured before introducing the people who are going to make toasts. In fact, I’ve popped more corks and poured more champagne than I can remember at wedding parties where the couple did the food themselves and didn’t think about serving. I don’t mind—it’s all part of the celebration. But a tip: if you are doing the food and beverages for your event yourself (rather than using a caterer), be sure you have a bottle opener and corkscrew for the beer and wine.


Before I announce anything that puts a bride and groom in the spotlight, I make sure they’re ready. The bride may need a few minutes to check her hair and makeup—and do all the other things brides and their entourages do when they head to the ladies’ room. The groom might need a few minutes for a pit stop as well. When I get the green light from the couple, I let the photographer and videographer know what’s next in case they need time to adjust lighting, change memory cards, or replace batteries. I check to make sure everything else is in place. More than once a caterer has told me everything is ready for the cake-cutting but the knife and cake plate are missing. It only takes a few seconds to take a look at the cake table, so I check before bringing the bride and groom up and letting the guests know what’s going on.


This level of communication, caring, and concern is something excellent DJs do as a matter of course for every segment of every event. We know what can go wrong and we know how to prevent it—well, most of it, anyway. We can’t stop an obnoxious relative from saying something rude, but we can help guide them off center stage if they start to misbehave.


What it really comes down to is this: In addition to being highly-trained professionals, the DJs at Marc Burgess Productions are personally vested in your event and are willing to use every ounce of their talent and expertise to make it a success—and that usually means going far beyond just playing music.


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