How to Choose a DJ for a Wedding or Other Special Event

When it comes to hiring a DJ in Central Florida, you have a wide range of choices, and it’s important that you make the right choice. Whether you need a professional disc jockey for a wedding, party, corporate event, or another type of special occasion, how do you choose one who will deliver the performance, impact, and results you want? These tips will guide you:


Pay attention to the chemistry between you and the DJs you’re considering. Certainly this is a business arrangement, but you need to like each other—you need to click. Be sure you appreciate and understand the DJ’s style and sense of humor, and that the DJ gets yours as well.


Cover all the basics. Ask about equipment, available music, contracts, insurance, staffing (who will actually perform at your event), experience, and, of course, fees and payment terms. Be clear and specific about what you want the disc jockey to do and make sure the DJ is willing and able to deliver on your requests.


Talk about culture. No, don’t ask if the DJ knows the difference between a cocktail fork and a salad fork—you want to find out if the DJ can handle the cultural issues surrounding your event. Is your wedding likely to have a mix of American and even international regions represented, creating a range of cultures that all need to be respected? If it’s a business event, do you want reserved and formal or freewheeling and casual—or something in between?


Be candid and honest. If this is a wedding reception, the DJ needs to know if the bride’s mother hates the bride’s father’s second wife (or girlfriend); if the best man is likely to drink too much and say embarrassing things; if there’s a guest whose claim to fame is starting fights; if there’s a family member who always cries or sings along loudly when a certain song is played; or whatever other personality and behavioral issues are likely to come up. A good DJ will know how to deal with such situations, but it’s easier if you’re upfront about what to expect.


You’re hiring a DJ for your wedding reception or other special event because it is, indeed, a special event. Be sure the DJ you choose has the experience, sensitivity, and ability to make your event the occasion you’ve been dreaming of. When you hire Marc Burgess Productions, you’ll get a professional, experienced DJ who understands the challenges of event planning, the politics and personalities involved, and who cares as much about making your event as perfect as you do.

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