Get the most out of your honeymoon

When choosing your honeymoon, the first and most important step is deciding and agreeing upon your destination. Among couples who have a traditional wedding, 99% take a honeymoon. Roughly 60% travel to a foreign country and 40% honeymoon in the United States. You want a destination that will please both of you, so here are some tips and ideas to ensure your honeymoon lives up to your expectations:

1. As a couple, discuss your ideal vacation. Do you want relaxation or an on-the-go vacation? Do you desire warm weather or would a colder location be ideal? Do you want to visit museums and see cultural ruins? Or would you rather sit on a beach and participate in water sports? Know that you may need to compromise with each other. Although this is your first trip as a married couple, it will not be your last. You may need to negotiate on certain aspects of the trip.

2. Choose the time period. Would you rather travel immediately after your wedding, or would you prefer to wait and travel at a later date? If you are on a budget, you may be able to save money by traveling during off-season time periods.

3. Decide on the type of honymoon you desire. Do you want a land based honeymoon, a cruise or an all-inclusive resort? Burgess Honeymoons offers a wide variety of options, so as a couple, decide on the type of honeymoon that fits your personal style and budget.

4. If you are taking a honeymoon abroad, leave plenty of time to ensure your passport is current. It can take two to four weeks to receive your passport once you have applied.

5. Sign up for a honeymoon registry. Your wedding guests count on your gift registry to know what to give you. By registering for your honeymoon, you can have a remarkable honeymoon paid for by your friends and family.


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    Very interesting post. Let's see where our journey will take.